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Configuration elements for both Console application and Service

List of Windows Event log sources cotaining events which should be sent to LIT.Logger, for example MSSQLSERVER. Used with MinWindowsEventLogPriority

Minimum severity of Windows log events to send to LIT.Logger. Value can be either NOTIFICATION, WARNING or ERROR. For example if you specify WARNING, both WARNING and ERROR events are sent. Used with WindowsEventLogSourcesToSend

Send IsAlive request. Value can be True or False. See more about IsAlive request from LIT.Logger documentation.

Drive letters to check for available disk space. Used with DiskSpaceLowLimitMB.

Amount in MB how much available space should be on each drive. Used with CheckLowDiskSpaceDriveLetters

List of service names to check whether they are running. Program send errors event to LIT.Logger on each service not running.

List of processes to check wheter they are active. Program sends error event to LIT.Logger on each process not active.

Configuration elements for service application

Frequency in minutes of how often program executes all other checks except Windows Event log. Event log events should be checked more often, because normally others don't change as ofter.

Frequency in minutes of how often program sends specified new Windows Event Log events.

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